My Blessing


untitled11.pngFrom the time I was a young girl I always dream of becoming a mom, and to be just like my own mother, that could love each of her seven children unconditional. However, once I married my husband trying to have a child was not an easy thing. You see I have endometriosis, and to get pregnant and carry a child full term will be very difficult. However it never stop me from crying out to our God to bless me and my husband Kelvin. I often thought about Hannah a woman from the Old Testament in the book of 1 Samuel who also cried out to God to bless her, and my words just like hers, was Lord if you bless my womb may my son or daughter live to serve you all their days. So month after month I became disappointed of not being pregnant. During this time my good friend Cindy and I began to have pray time long distance, she lives near the seashore and me and the mountains, and so we did. One time during our pray session I had a vision of a child in a mother’s womb, I quickly called Cindy, who said the same thing to me before I had a change to tell her my vision, and she told me I just need to believe. I began having more female problems and went thru surgery, and upon visiting my doctor my first question was can I have a child. Dr. Tarta’s response you have very little chance to conceive and carry a child to full term. So my answer to my doctor at the time, I don’t know how or when but I know that God will bless me and Kelvin with a child, and yes my husband was sitting right next to me in the doctor’s office. In less then two months I return to Dr. Tarta to be told I was pregnant (yippee) and on January 28, 1994 at 2:14 in the afternoon God bless me and Kelvin with a little girl we named Victoria and to realize that she was born on my own birthday. So each year we celebrate our day together, and I have so many memories I have cherish upon my heart.6bc67cf6c2807472d7ec06f4554bab4d_screen.jpg

Words can not express how bless I have been all these years to be Victoria’s mom, God choose me for this role as her mom. You have made both of your parents so very proud of your accomplishments and thru all of your health issues, (which God never cause) Victoria you truly are my gift from God.


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