A Morning Devotion

devotion 2.pngBeautiful words to read early this morning from Isaiah 55:8, have you ever tried to do things your way and especially without directions and fail. I have you feel as thro you do not need help from anyone, or anybody, don’t worry I can do it all by myself, but can we? The answer to the question is no, we can not, we do need a set of instructions and for us as Christians that is God’s word the Bible, it is our instructions to anything in our own lives, and yet even thro we do have a Bible to read we seem to keep it close and say I do not need any help, until we get in over our heads.  When life throws us a curve ball such has illness, death, loss of a job, loss of a love one, addition and so much more then we cry out Oh My God where are you, I need help and I need it fast. But friend why wait until then, by us having a walk with God everyday and staying in his word everyday, we come to realize that Our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, and His ways are not the same as ours. You see by staying in prayer on a daily basis we come to know and understand what we are called to do in our own lives, what we were born to do. God has a job for you and me to do and no other person but you, and you need to seek it out. God is the Potter and we are the clay, he will melt and mold us into the person that he knows we are design to be.

Lord, as I sit and listen to your voice help me to understand that your way is always best for me, you are the potter of my life. Melt me and mold me into the woman (or man)  you want me to be and to serve you everyday of my life.



Grace and Peace to you my friends.

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