Saint Nicholas

St Nichloas.pngToday I would like to share with you the true story of the Christmas Legend which was written by Julie Steigemeyer. Nicholas who was a Bishop and lived in the fourth century. A Bishop of Myra, a city in Lycia. Asia Minor what is modern day Turkey. The region is situated on the Mediterranean Sea across from Greece. The people of Myra had already heard the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ before Nicholas came to serve them. The Apostle Paul had traveled there on his mission journey, the visit is recorded in Acts 27:5-6. As a Christian, Nicholas suffered persecution under the Roman Empe4ror Diocletian and was imprisoned until the Constantine came into power and showed tolerance to Christians. Tales of Nicholas’s generosity were widespread, and he became patron saint of Russia. In Europe, he was knows as Father Christmas, and in America, Santa Claus. Legends about his home at the North Pole, flying reindeer, and distributing gifts all over the world on Christmas Eve was created to enhance his story, but his generosity is based in historical fact.  The story of his supplying the dowries for the three girls is believed to be factual. Nicholas’s feast day (the day he died) is December 6th. Many families observe St. Nicholas by having the children in the home place their shoes by the door when they go to bed the night before. When they awaken on the morning of December 6, their shoes are filled with bags of gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins that were secretly placed their during the night. The significance of Nicholas for us today is that his response to God’s great love for us in Jesus was to care for other people. His kindness and care for children are modeled every time we give a gift out of love.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends

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