Strategy For Discouragement

Luke 10.jpg

“I have given you authority to tread, over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you.”                     Luke 10:19

Do you ever feel discouraged? One way the enemy works to defeat you is through feelings of disheartenment. He knows if he can cause you to doubts God’s goodness, love, timing, or provision, you may become fearful and give up.

So what do you do when the going gets rough and frustrations, feelings of inferiority and external pressures assail you? How do you take a stand and resist the enemy? 

First, ask the Lord to strengthen and encourage you for the battle. He is your greatest source of help, so go to His throne of grace frequently in prayer. Likewise, all of God’s greatest saints have had to learn how to withstand heartaches, disappointments, and all kinds of evil. So second, read about their victories in Scripture for insight and hope (Romans 15:4) Third, fill your arsenal. You know the message the enemy uses to discourage you, so find promises from God’s Word that you can use to fight him. (Matthew 4:1-11, Ephesians 6:17).

You can trust the Lord on all battle fronts because He is faithful. Whatever concerns you concerns Him. So trust the Lord and witness His power at work in your life.


Grace and Peace to You My Friends



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