Allowing The Storms


Though Jesus could stop the storm, oftentimes He doesn’t. Isn’t that the issue that makes us all struggle? If He is God and He is good, and He is, then why would He allow all the difficult things we have to face? Why does life have to be such a struggle? 

With the disciples, we understand Jesus was building their faith. He led them into squall after squall, not to dishearten them, but to make their hearts stronger. he did so because He knew what was ahead for them, that they would suffer for His name. And He needed to tear down all of their own strongholds of self-reliance so they could be established on the much more enduring foundation of His power and wisdom.

Don’t imagine His reason for you is so different. God has kingdom purposes He will fulfill through you as well, and He is equipping you with everything you need for success. That means enduring some storms. But do not be afraid, He will get you through them. And He is building eternal qualities in you that you’ll be glad you have.


Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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