Strength For Every Day


When we faced with problems that seem overwhelming, we often cry out in despair. “What can I do? I cannot go on like this!” This might be the result of a personal setback, a business failure or a disappointing national or international situation (like this pandemic) Whatever it is, the consequent feelings of hopelessness leave you alone and vulnerable. 

There is one thing that you can be absolutely certain about and that is the fact that God will never leave you and all its problems on your own. He who has promised never to leave you in the lurch and never to forsake you. (Hebrews 13:5) is with you in every area of your life. He is simply waiting for you to call out to Him. You can be sure of His all-powerful help.

Instead of continuously laboring under the heavy burden of life, put your trust in your heavenly Father. Let Him be completely in control of your life and affairs, and let Him unconditionally lead you on His path. As you walk in obedience with the Lord, you will experience the trust, assurance and peace that are born from the presence of His Holy Spirit in your life.


Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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