Grace for All


What Jesus is indirectly saying is that holy things don’t necessarily make holy people. We can kneel down before holy things and be very removed from God. It is possible to be religious and at the same time sinful and unsaved. The woman at the well was intensely interested in the theological issues of her time, but she went on living in sin. 

woman at the well

Her theology was orthodox and she had very definite and unusually rigid views on it. But her real relationship with God added up to nothing. Before we can know Christ in the power of His resurrection, we must meet Him personally and be born again. Then, and only then, can we worship Him in spirit and in truth. Whether it is in a church, in a kitchen or in nature, there must be absolute truth in our worship. When the body is on its knees, the heart must also kneel before God. When we speak before God, our words mus be honest and sincere. When we make promises, they must be promises that cannot be broken, unbreakable vows to God Himself.

unnamed (4)

Worship must be honest, pure and sincere: like the beggar knocking at the door of a benefactor, like a sinner begging for mercy, like a child sobbing in remorse before his parents. Then we can confess in sincerity, “You are the Messiah!” You are my Savior! My Redeemer that ransomed me with Your precious blood; that came to change my eternal thirst into “Pentecostal fullness!”


Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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