God Is At Work


Do your realize that even at this moment, God is working out what concerns you? It may seem from your perspective as through He is silent or even unconcerned with your life. But God is actively engineering circumstances on your behalf.

Of course, this is something we all know in theory, but at times it is so much harder to put into practice because of how impossible our situation may seen. We absolutely cannot work out how God will deliver us, and we grow disheartened waiting for Him. 

And the truth is, you’ve probably gone to Him with your troubles so many times before that you wonder if He’s really listening to you. He hasn’t answered yet, so why should you continue to go to Him?

Yet, understand that this uncertainty is meant to build your faith, He works in all of His people this way. God has abandoned you, and you aren’t alone. Just because you don’t perceive His activity at the moment doesn’t mean anything. Your God is working it out. Don’t doubt Him, just cling to Him.


Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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