Put Into Practice


You may know a lot about the Christian life, but are you actually living it out? Your walk with Jesus was never intended to be a matter of book learning or head knowledge. God wants you to put into practice the principles He teaches you. The Bible tells us repeatedly to get wisdom and understanding, but then it challenges us to apply what we have learned in real-world situations. Your knowledge of God’s Word is incomplete until you actually make it an active part of your life.

You will find this is ultimately fulfilled and perfected in your service to God. What you believe and how you behave is truly challenged and developed when you help others in Jesus’ name. This is when you believe is put to the test, and you can see the Lord’s power and presence transform lives through your obedience to Him.



So consider: are you serving God? I’m not talking about sitting on committees, but actively pouring your life into others. Have you asked Him, “Lord, how would you have me serve you? Who do you want me to minister to in Your Name?” If you’ve never asked Him these things, do so right now and obey what the Lord shows you.


Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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