Hope In God


At times, we may either intentionally or unconsciously look to people to make our lives better. We believe if we have a certain relationship, boss, or political leader, everything will be okay. But when we do, we may be missing out on what’s much better.

For hundreds of years, the Jewish people watched for the coming of the Messiah. What they expected was a bold king and military leader like David, who would forever do away with the stranglehold of foreign rulers. They believed the Messiah would inaugurate peace and prosperity in the land that had been promised as their inheritance.

But because so many in Israel were so intensely focused on earthly success and security, rather than on God’s plan, they missed Jesus, the One they were truly yearning for. Their hope was placed on the wrong goal, and they forfeited a far superior salvation.

Don’t do the same thing. Any time you look to a leader to do what God can, you’re asking for trouble and disappointment. People can let you down, but your Savior will never mislead you. Hope in Christ, the one who can truly satisfy your soul.


Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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