Refuge For The Questioning Soul

There are questions that we long to have answered by God, and circumstances in our lives that leave us wondering about his goodness. As we pray, we try to rend the heavens for an answer that will make sense.

What God desires most isn’t the soul with the answer, it’s the one laid before him in a perfect dance of trust, belief, and raw vulnerability. In that moment of emptiness before your Maker, He will be your safe place. Pour out your heart to him and rest in His embrace because He is a refuge for even the most questioning soul.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


5 thoughts on “Refuge For The Questioning Soul

  1. Amen so true, no matter what we are going through though it may be difficult God is still in control. His outstretched hands are there to rescue and all is done in His time. It is a daily walk with our cross as we follow Christ. All we have to learn to do is trust His plan. Very thoughtful post God bless you.


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