God Became A Man

When Jesus entered our world as man, He came to that which was His own. Everything belongs to Him! Most people think their possessions are their own, but the truth is, you and everything you possess belongs to God. Through you may feel isolated and alone at times, this is only an illusion. Jesus bought you at an astronomical price, so you belong to Him, His treasure. The colossal price that He paid shows how precious you are to Him. Ponder this powerful truth whenever you start to doubts your worth. You are Jesus’ cherished one, save by grace through faith in Him, your Savior.

Because you are precious to Him, He wants you to take good care of yourself, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Make time for pondering Scripture in your mind and heart. Protect yourself, both emotionally and physically from those who would take advantage of you. Remember that your body is the Holy Spirit’s temple. He also wants you to help others discover the glorious news, the free gift of eternal life for all who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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