Come Humbly In Worship

If worship is so central to the Christian life, why do so few of us genuinely magnify Him? Why are our prayers petitions instead of praises, complaining instead of singing?

One reason is because of our innate self-focus and pride. We are the center of our universe, inherently consumed with our own needs and desires. But the prerequisite of worshipping God is humility the acknowledgement that He is greater than we are.

Another hindrance to worship is unconfessed sin, which plaques us with guilt and numbs our sensitivity to the Father. Perhaps we’re unforgiving toward others, engaged in sinful behaviors, or unwilling to obey His call. Regardless of what it is, however, sin is essentially rebellion against God, and He will continually confront and condemn our resistance to Him. And since He will persistently demand our willing submission, we will run from worshipping Him.

If you truly desire to worship God, but have been prevented by pride or rebelliousness, understand that the choice is yours. You can turn this around because God will forgive you. So come submissively to Him today, confess your sin, and worship Him with all your heart.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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