Daisies — patientlyhopeful

To begin, I’m sharing something quite personal and I pray it blesses you. Many years ago I was struggling and frustrated with circumstances. I kept praying about it and the Lord surprised me with a perspective turn. He reminded me this place is not my home, and heaven will be more glorious than imaginable. Thus, […]

Daisies — patientlyhopeful

3 thoughts on “Daisies — patientlyhopeful

  1. Such a humble post of surrendering to the Lord, and how allowing His way takes preeminence to ours. When I read your question how you wonder what daisies look like in heaven immediately it came to mind of the garden of eden and just how beautiful it must have been with everything magnified as it grows without pesticides like man uses to destroy alot of things. The flowers, trees and fruits would be mammoth as a tropical forest flourishes. We get a glimpse of heaven in Revelation how there will be no sun as we know it, but the Lord will be the light there and there will no longer be night ot darkness. Daisies you love so much should grow huge with no darkness and constant sunshine Dear Heart (Revelation 21:23-27),(Revelation 22:5). God Bless and Kepp you Always as you walk with Him.


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