God doesn’t need a defence attorney


When someone claims God doesn't exist,
    I don't go all preacher on him and insist.
I stand by my beliefs;
    though it may displease.
But I won't coerce.
    Because in this universe,
God will send forth the perfect labourers.
    Maybe you're just a sower, another the reaper.
Yes, it is my duty to attempt;
     to share His good news and represent.
But, it is your free will,
    with what you choose your heart to fill.
I think, instead of preaching,
    it is better to demonstrate His teachings.

God is love, sent to us on the wings of a dove. I try to be a reflection, instead of acting out of my emotions. If He wanted, He could just smite anyone. He wouldn't need to even move; no need for a gun. Truth is, He's just waiting to shower, with love and melt Satan's power. You see, the true nature…

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