Prayer Chorus

This Scripture from Acts describes the early Christians, who continually met together, praying and waiting for the promised Holy Spirit. And they were not disappointed! Cumulative intercession whether people are praying in the same room or across a community or nation, has a mighty impact.

A good illustration of this principle appears in the opening scene of the classic Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life. Snow is falling on the streets and buildings of Bedford Falls, while inside homes and offices, many people are praying “I owe everything to George Bailey. Help him, dear Father.” George is a good guy. Give him a break, God.” He never thinks about himself, God. That’s why he’s in trouble.” Finally a little girl pleads, “Please God, something’s the matter with Daddy. Please bring Daddy back!”

Although each person prays alone, the voices join together from all over the community asking God to aid a man named George Bailey. In the movie, God hears those prayers and sends and angel to help George.

That movie is just a story, but it does express a real truth. Maybe the babble of prayer in the movie is what it sounds like when God hears people all over a city or even the world praying for a person or situation. Each voice may start out alone, but by the time it reaches God’s throne of grace, it’s part of a huge chorus, each voice asking for the same thing.

Even if you’re praying alone, you never know how your prayers contribute to God’s greater plan. If you feel lonely when praying for something big, ask God to bring you a prayer partner and to raise up more prayers to join in your petitions.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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