Safe and Secure From All Alarms

To fear the Lord means to be in awe of Him. It means to revere him, to respect him. When we have this right view of God, we live life as we are meant to. With the majesty and power of God as our reference point, we have a proper perspective. When we measure life’s circumstances against the sovereignty of God, don’t get blown out of proportion.

When we do not revere God, life becomes a burden. One worry piles on another, problem on problem, disappointment following disappointment. Of course, no one gets to live problem free. No one escapes heartache, But if we live with ourselves as the reference point, life’s difficulties will be overwhelming.

We might put up a good front, but we’ll be worn down inch by inch. If we try to shoulder life’s problem, they will outweigh the good things we experience because difficulties simply keep coming.

Living with a right view of God is the only way to live that is more than just existing. A life bigger than just making it through.

God means for life to be abundant, joyful, overflowing. He means for life to be a celebration and a gift. He promises that fear of the Lord will lead to that kind of life. He doesn’t promise that harm or difficulties will never come but that when they come, they will be stepping stones, not stumbling blocks. Troubling through they may be, they will cause us harm.

What is your view of God? Do you meditate daily on His majesty and power? Is God your first thought when you awake and your last thought before you sleep? Do you let every problem and challenge be swallowed up in the reality of his presence? If you learn to live with him as your reference point, you will find peace in any circumstance. If you do not, nothing can ever can ever bring lasting peace and security.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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