9 Reasons to Speak Up and Reach Out — Walking Together in God’s Promises

There is a time for action after the silence. Silence and listening can prompt life-changing and life-saving action for the Kingdom of God. Read More

9 Reasons to Speak Up and Reach Out — Walking Together in God’s Promises

10 thoughts on “9 Reasons to Speak Up and Reach Out — Walking Together in God’s Promises

  1. Our Father in Heaven, You know every cell of Eileen’s daughter’s body. You have wonderfully made her body to honor You. You knew her before her birth, and You planned her days with lovingkindness. Lord heal her, for You are her Great Healer. Bless her with the knowledge of Your presence. Take her by her right hand and lead her into health and the path that You have planned for her to take. Bless her parents and pour out Your perfect wisdom abundantly on them. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.


    1. Karen, Victoria has adrenal cancer, and the tumors are rare she is terminal and I know that our Lord walks with us and her. The Lord doesn’t heal everyone, His ways our higher than our ways and he knows what is best. No one knows why God allows things to happen. Victoria was a twin and I loss the twin carrying them both. Victoria has some of her body parts inside of her and she has two DNA it was confirmed by a genetics


      1. Eileen, I am so sorry that Victoria is suffering so much and that you, as a mother have gone through so much.

        Yes, God doesn’t heal all believers during their earthly walk. But we can be assured that He will ultimately heal Victoria beyond her walk on earth where there is no more death, no more pain, no more tears.

        David Guzik comments about James 5:14-15, “Clearly, God does not grant immediate healing for every prayer of faith, and the reasons are hidden in the heart and mind of God. Still, many are not healed simply because there is no prayer of faith offered. The best approach in praying for the sick is to pray with humble confidence that they will be healed, unless God clearly and powerfully makes it clear that this is not His will. Having prayed, we simply leave the matter to God.”

        I will alter my prayers for Victoria and you and your husband to God, grant comfort and peace. Thank you for clarifying Victoria’s situation.

        “May the God of hope fill you will all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” Romans 15:13

        In His love, Karen


      2. As a Pastor myself what one thing we have especially Victoria is our faith in Christ, a few weeks ago I had anointed Victoria with anointed oil as the whole congregation prayed over my daughter and as I will say “Your will be done Lord, and not mine. One of the reason and perhaps the main reason that Victoria has a lot of health issues is that my daughter was a conjoined twin, and I loss her twin sister in my womb, Victoria has two DNA in her own body as well as some extra organs and other things that was suppose to be part of her sister’s body. In spite of all she has been dealing with Victoria has always been my gift from God.


      3. Oh, Eileen, I am so glad that you cherish Victoria as a gift from God. I am glad that you had her anointed with oil and the congregation prayed over her. I imagine she cherishes that, and God will honor that with His divine will. There came a time when my Mama was dying that I told the Lord that I didn’t know what to pray, and I asked for His will to take place. If you would like to email me privately, feel free to email me at karen@possesshispromises.com. I’m praying for your entire family. May you feel the comfort that only God can give as He leads you by the hand. Karen


      4. Thank you so much Karen, I do appreciate it, we will be taking her to Penn Medicine on Sept. 15 with specialists who understands about these rare tumors, I will keep you posted.

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