The Master Gardener

In these scripture verses God delivers a message through Isaiah so that His people might know the temporary nature of this life and root their lives in the eternal Word of God, which stands forever. The message is so important that the Lord tells Isaiah to shout it out and use creation to demonstrate it: the grass and flowers fade, but the Word of God, the only foundation worth building our lives on, stands firm.

As one who loves to grow flowers, I’ve learned some great lessons from working in the garden, especially the importance of a strong root system. If I sow my flower seeds around the tangled roots of our large oak tree, they won’t develop their own deep roots and grow properly. When the summer’s heat rages, the flowers that once were vibrant and gave pleasure will quickly wither and fade.

The Bible gives us many snapshots of the importance of rooting our lives in God’s Word. The Lord promises that if we delight in God’s Word and deeply root our hearts in it, if we meditate on it and follow it, we will prosper, and our lives will keep producing fruit. It is His Word that will renew our inner strength so we can continue to be productive and bring glory to God. If we turn away from God’s Word and do life our own way, we will wither as fast as the flowers that are here one day and gone tomorrow. As we stay rooted in God’s Word, we will grow, blossom, and bear fruit wherever we are. The product of our words and deeds can impact people throughout our lifetime and even after our addresses have changed to heaven.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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