Show Off

God wants to work in our lives in such a way that his power and provision are evident to others. He wants us to be branches that display the Vine’s fruit. He wants us to let the whole world know what he has done.

When something wonderful happens to you, isn’t your first impulse to tell someone else about it? Something great happens, and your first thought is, I can’t want to tell so and so. The person we choose to tell is someone we know will rejoice with us. It doubles our own joy, and the experience is not complete until you have told the other person about it. In today’s verse, David encourage us to tell everyone about God’s wonderful deeds.

When we have known and experienced the Lord’s great work in our lives, it overflows to others. Others who worship the Lord will be overjoyed. The joy will be contagious. The person who is in a valley at that time will be encouraged by hearing about God’s work in your life. When we are so intimately in tune with one another, our joys are multiplied. We get not only our own God adventures but also the God adventures of our fellow worshipers.

Then David’s though flows to the next admonition. Be always, continuously seeking God deliberately and attentively pursuing him. Keep your life lined up with. On purpose. There you will find his strength that strengthens you.

God promises that in seeking him, you will find him and his strength.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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