Living Promise

Our scriptures are full of paradox. The realm of God is here and now, and not yet. We are waiting for the Christ child to come into our world anew, a child who was born thousands of years ago. We hear the impossible, yet know through Christ all things are possible. We are already living embodied faith as we prepare to welcome Emmanuel, God with-us.

In many ways, Advent may be seen as time to focus on preparing to live and enact our faith in new ways after Jesus is born. Yet in our preparation for the one made flesh who comes to dwell among us and change everything, we cannot become complacent in the waiting. We are called to embody our faith now, we live into the promises of the new heaven and new earth now. We pray, we hope, we change now, knowing that with the coming of the Christ’s child, all will change again. And we will be ready to live out that promise with all who we are mind, soul and body.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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