Happy Birthday To My Twin Daughters My Gift From God on My Own Birthday

Today is the day in which I want to celebrate both of my daughter’s birthday. You both started off together in my womb and how excited I was to become a first time mom. However, that was not what was meant to be for my daughter Abriella Grace which means one who is derived from God or the pillar of strength, and your middle name to me stands for God’s grace to all of us. I have mourn for you more in this past year because of what we have learn through your sister Victoria and her health. She always knew that you did exist but for me and your dad doctors never told us everything that I had gone through carrying you girls. There is a part of me who is so angry because I never got to hold you in my arms, never had the chance to sing a lullaby as I took a turn rocking your sister to sleep and kiss you good-night. There is a also a part of me who feels that all the wonderful things that I did do with your sister I never had a chance with you. However, even through I never did hold you in my arms I will always hold you in my heart, and that you do live through your sister each and everyday. I also know that our Lord and Savior will always hold you in His arms because I cannot at this time but someday I will.

Victoria, the Lord bless me on this day many years ago when you were born. I always believe that I am the one who is bless because God choose me to be your mom. He has given me such strength beyond any words I could possibly say especially because as your have grown up you have gotten sicker. I have always ask why my child has to be so sick with rare diseases and cancer. However, I have seen the ministry that you do with being an advocate for others. You have always put others before yourself, you are compassionate, loving, caring, and so much more. You have also been my cheerleader in becoming a pastor. I have always been bless when I would see you out in the congregation however, as you have decline you are unable to be there in person.

I do not know what the future holds for you, however, I know that our Lord will be walking with you. I do pray for less pain that you have to deal with each and everyday. As I have said to you so many times in the past the only thing if I could I would change in you is for you to be healthy. God truly bless me on my own birthday and that was becoming your mom. There is a children’s book called Momma do you love me that I would read to you when you were a little girl. I love you now and forever, forever you will be my Victoria.

Happy Birthday to both of you Victoria Frances and Abriella Grace

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To My Twin Daughters My Gift From God on My Own Birthday

      1. I was a twin. My twin was stillborn, thry called it back then. I used to miss someone without knowing why until they told me about her when I was 9. I wish they had told me sooner because then I understood why I missed someone.


      2. My daughter Victoria always knew however I had a difficulty pregnancy, we also knew more last year a few years ago she had genetic testing and we found out she has two DNA in parts of her body, at the age of 19 we found out she had extra body parts and even an arm bone in her abdomen. My husband and I never talk about it until last year when we realize what doctors never told us, we finally accepted when we thought was possible and cried about it, somehow he always knew I was carrying twins. Victoria is in a group called womb survivor which as been helper.


      3. Yes. That sounds like what happened to my mom. She got very sick and did not know she had a twin until she gave birth. She bled out and needed like 13 pints of blood. But that was why I was 9 pounds, 8 ounces. They think I got all the nutrients somehow. Knowing it allows for grieving. I still miss my twin sometimes.


      4. WellI have been praying for you and she since I knew of her illness. I understand how she feels. She will see her again when God is ready. Until thrn, God will give us strength and comfort.❤


      5. God is not capable of forsaking us. The enemy is trying to take her from the safety of Jesus’ arms. The enemy is a liar. Jesus is a loving Father who has a purpose for all that He allows. We just have to trust Him. I know this from experience. Tell her my story. I want her to be saved and comforted. Love is so much stronger and more beautiful than hate.❤


      6. Yes. I prayed heavily for her this evening, as I felt a heavy burden for her in my spirit. God has answered my heartfelt prayer and we will see how soon. Keep praying also. “A righteous prayer avails much.” Be encouraged.😃❤


  1. Wishing you and your daughters birthday blessings. May the Lord continue to comfort you and keep you. I hadn’t realized that Victoria was born on your birthday!


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