Look Up

The writer of Hebrews compares our Christian journey to that of running a race. When we run a race, particularly a long one, we need perseverance to not quit, when it gets hard. Races often start out feeling quite manageable, but inevitable there comes a point when completing the race seems not only daunting but perhaps impossible.

When this happens, it seems like the runner’s eyes lower to the ground and rest on the monotony of watching one foot after the other slowly propel them forward. When you watch the ground while running, your distance gained is almost imperceptible. However, when you look up, toward your goal, you become reinvigorated to endure and persist. Your call as a runner is to fix your eyes on God. If you watch the ground or look behind you, you’ll grow weary. But eyes staid on Him will give you all the strength you need.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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