Lent Day 10

You are a Child of God, and you are His forever. Someday you will see the Lord, face to face in Glory. You have been a member of His royal family since the moment you trusted Him as your Savior. The Lord is training you in the ways of His kingdom: to be made new in the attitude of your mind, to put on the new self, created to be like Christ. Although your new self is being conformed to His image, this process does not erase the essence of who you are. On the contrary, the more you become like Him, the more you develop into the unique person that He has designed you to be.

Since you are part of God’s royal family, you’re a fellow-heir with Him  sharing His inheritance. However, you must share also His suffering if you are to share in His Glory. You don’t need to search for ways to suffer. Living in this broken world provides ample opportunity to experience pain of many kinds. When adversity comes you way, search for the Lord in the midst of your struggles. Ask the Lord to help you suffer well, in a manner worthy of royalty. Everything you endure can help you become more like Him. Remember the ultimate goal: You will see Christ’s face in righteousness and be satisfied.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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