God Is Sovereign

The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all. Praise the Lord, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word. Praise the Lord, all his heavenly hosts, you his servants who do his will. Praise the Lord, all his works everywhere in his dominion. Praise the Lord, my soul.                           Psalm 103:19-22

You will not make wise decisions unless you wholeheartedly believe this one basic, theological fact, the truth that God is absolutely sovereign. That He is indeed God and that He rules over all things, at all times, in all circumstances. Why is this important? Because it will make all the difference as to whether you obey Him or not.

For example, David (1 Samuel 17), when he was a young man, the champion of the Philistines, Goliath, challenged the bravest of Israel’s soldiers to a duel. Sadly, Israel’s warriors were all terrified of the mighty Goliath. That is, all except David, who understood that the battle wasn’t about human strength, but about the diving power of God. David was able to triumph over Goliath because he was confident that the Lord was sovereign, and that He didn’t like His name being taken in vain.

Likewise, God may direct you in ways that seem absolutely impossible or that you don’t understand. Ask yourself: is He the omnipotent, omniscient God or isn’t He? Answer that question and you’ll have the confidence to do as He asks.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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