Dance With Me Lord

Dear Lord:

I didn’t have an earthly father who look to me as his little princess growing up, or someone who would be there for me through all the ups and downs in life. My earthly father never encourage or be there with every accomplishments I did strive to make. I have an earthly father who would physically and verbally abuse me. Years later Lord, I truly believe with all of my heart that I married my night in shinny armor, to only go through once again the abuse towards me as well as my children. Lord, you have walked with me through out my life and now on the Father’s Day I say: Heavenly Father Won’t You Dance With Me.

This is holy time

We’re gathered together to worship you

and love one another

and as we pray

and as we sing

and as we dance

and as we dream

Lord, I ask of you just this one thing…

Won’t you dance with me?

Throughout the heavens and below the seas

Up on the mountaintops

Flow with the breeze

Come, carry me

Lord, won’t you dance with me?

I found this beautiful quote on the blog Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus by Jane Ellen.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


4 thoughts on “Dance With Me Lord

  1. This is so beautiful. God is our Heavenly Father and does everything perfectly for us. He kmows and loves us unconditionally and is never hostile toward us, unchanging in His love for us. Beautiful.❤️

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