All Lives Do Matter

This month is “Disability Pride Month” for all who struggle with their own health for many different reason. You so call Christian (you are wolves in sheep clothing), by overturning Roe vs Wade other things were attached to this bill such a life saving medication are you happy with yourselves. My oldest daughter was born healthy as what doctors told me unfortunately they did lie. She was a conjoin twin my other daughter died in my womb. (So if this was today I would be arrested, that I cause it.) My daughter Victoria graduate from high school as well as college with a 3.8.GPA with honors. She also has been through more than some people today. Her faith is stronger that most people and her love for all is better than the so call Christians. So tell me doesn’t she has a right to live like you, what gives you the right to say that her life doesn’t matter because it does. Let me tell you so call Christians by this decision that the Supreme Court made in the long run you are killing people like her. Just because she is not totally white you say her life doesn’t matter this country that we call America only want white people no other. WAKE UP PEOPLE

So tell me you people who say you are ‘PR0-LIFE does my daughter have the right to live as well, and no she can not ever have children do to her diseases and cancer she has. You are taking medications from her and others just like her.

Guess what my daughter does have the right to live, you are not a Christian you are part of a cult. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (and no one else) taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves.



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