God Surrounds You

When trouble assails you, to whom do you run? If you answer is to God, you’re in a good place. When you run to Him for refuge, you’ll find yourself reveling joy. That’s because He knows you trust Him to take care of you, to cover you with His Spirit and protect you. Assured of your love. He wants to shower you with His own in return.

Yet God won’t just shower you with His love. He’ll shield you with it. And because God Himself is the personification of love, it means that He is the one surrounding you, protecting you from head to toe.

There are so many benefits to trusting, running to, and relying on the God who created the entire universe and beyond. That’s a lot of love, protection and shielding. That’s a lot of God! And He’s doing it just for you!

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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