My Prayers Are Heard

When the words don’t seem to come out right or our supplications feel empty, we can submit to the Holy Spirit to intercede for us with prayers beyond mere words. God hears his children. And he hears his Spirit in a language that only the holy can utter.

Believe that God hears your prayers. Just as two people with only Jesus in a common can bond over their Messiah, the Holy Spirit in you will never run out of things to mediate to the Father. Cry out however you can, and know that he hears every word.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends



3 thoughts on “My Prayers Are Heard

    1. Yes God always hear my prayers and I have cried so much since I was married for thirty years to a man who abuse me his wife and our daughter, I want this pain within my soul to stop. Thank you for sharing my post


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