Be Loved

This Scripture comes to us after a list of things. Paul asks the believers in Colossians to put off or stop doing. When reading this verse, did you fly right past the beginning to the list of things we needed to do? Put on compassion, kindness, humility, and so on? I think most of us rush right pass three little with big meaning found at the beginning of the verse. Read this next part slowly: you are God’s chosen one.

You are found Holy in Christ. You are beloved. What does this even mean? It means esteemed. Favorite, Worthy of love. The love we receive from God is not the scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, kind of love. It’s not a love you earn. It’s the God who paints sunsets and brings forth life asking you to be-loved. You want to know what might be the bravest thing you do today? Stop working, achieving, and racing, and allow yourself to be-loved by God.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends



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