Awe Inspiring

If it possible tonight, go outside. They say there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone. In the observable universe, there are about 10 billion galaxies, each containing stars. God has named and remembers each one. Our planet is set in perfect fashion on its axis, spinning in such a way that seasons and days are maintained. When it snows, there are thousands of snowflakes swirling down into even just one tiny city, and each of those snowflakes is uniquely crafted. Sunsets and sunrises are painted across the sky with a mastery that cannot be likened to any human hands. God’s fingers held the brush that stroked that sky and His fingers embraced the clay that He formed into man and woman. We could go all day considering his natural works. The examples that inspire awe are boundless.

But what was God’s focus? The one thing he chose to breath his very life into, to make in his image? You. You reflect the likeness and the image of God. He is consciously aware of everything about you. God wants to dwell with you today.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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