Hello my name is Eileen and I have been a member of the United Methodist Church for nineteen years now, I am in journey to become a local pastor, at the moment I am a lay speaker thru UMC.  I started this blog in 2016 because of a class in which I was taken for my ministry and I continue to write almost everyday on this site. My faith is very important to me some of you may ask why, please let me share. First off I live in the mountains, a place I truly love around the beauty of the earth with nature. What comes to my mind is this scripture from the book of Psalm 46:10 Be still and Know I Am God, with the craziness of todays world it is just wonderful to stop and listen to the small voice of God, deep within our own spirit. Each week you will find a scripture that maybe helpful in some ways to you and some words of encouragement to help you thru your life journey. Each of us are on a journey with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we need to stay in tune with scriptures, prayer life and in fellowship with one another. Please feel free to ask questions about my own journey or just leave a comment. Remember you are a child of the Most High King Jesus Christ.


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