Passionately Embrace Love — MIRACLES EACH DAY

“The Way of the Heart has been designed to bypass the cognitive or thinking mind, and to strike at the roots of fear that abide in the depth of the mind in a place that is, by and large, unconscious. All that we do seeks to dissolve that root from the depth of your being.” […]

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The Movement and the Religious — TLP

Last time we looked briefly at the events that took place at Pentecost, but of course, those events were not the end of the story; they were only the opening chapter. The Apostles saw amazing success when they first preached the Gospel among the Jews in and around Jerusalem, but the religious “Establishment” were not […]

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God the architect — SUCCESS INSPIRERS’ WORLD

Humans are the labourers;God is the architect;Let us allow HimTo build the mansionAs he conceives it;The structure of His dream;Not our dream;The skyscraper He wants;Not the kind we want;What powers do we haveTo produce anythingOn our own?God aloneIs the determinant;But He works through us;And we could be temptedTo thinkWe are the architectsOf our lives and…

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Prologue — TLP

Romans 1:8-17 Paul’s personal observations are contained in verses 8-15, and are followed by a transitional section in verses 16-17. The personal remarks fall into three sections as he tells the Romans of his prayers for them, his desire to visit them, and of his desire to preach in their midst. Paul’s prayers for the […]

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