You are chosen for this moment! — Brave, Blessed, and Beautiful

Good Morning Gorgeous, It’s a brand new day! A fresh start. A beautiful day to rise and walk ahead in victory. Feeling defeated and as if victory is out of reach? Feeling as if the world as you know it/ knew it is crumbling? Feeling frustrated and full of grief over the events around the…

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As humans we make a pastime of judging one another and ourselves. However, Jesus is the only judge, and He has acquitted you and me through His own blood. Our acquittal came at the price of Jesus unparalleled sacrifice. That is why He is highly offended when He hears His children judge one another or indulge in self-hatred.

If you live close to the Savior and absorb His Word, the Holy Spirit will guide and correct you as needed. There is no condemnation for those who belongs to Christ Jesus.


Grace and Peace to You My Friends


Stop It! — Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross Quit arguing with yourself Quit second guessing yourself Quit worrying about it and marry what Jehovah Sabaoth is saying to you. In marriage, everything that the Bridegroom has becomes the bride’s. His name becomes the bride’s. © Crown of Glory International Ministries. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express […]

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Thankful Tuesday’s (#6) Are You Willing to Change? — Imago Dei

Happy Tuesday friends! Today’s blog highlight comes from my big sister, Dawn. I’m so delighted to introduce her to some and celebrate her with many. Dawn was the first blogger to officially adopt me both on WordPress and in real life. Her heart is filled with kindness and sincerity. The post she shares with us […]

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