Heavenly Peace

Luke 2

Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rest.                                    Luke 2:14

Let’s face it: Christmas can be a stressful time. We get caught up in trying to create the perfect holiday for our families and friends. We worry about family members not getting along or the mashed potatoes being too lumpy. Before we know it, we find ourselves longing for a little of the peace we hear about in Christmas carols. Can you relate? Has your holiday season become so full of pressure that you wonder if peace is even possible?

When Christmas rolled around in 1914, World War 1 was in full swing. Though Pope Benedict XV suggested a temporary cease-fire in honor of the holiday, the warring countries refused too make it official. Peace did not seem to be anywhere in sight.

When the holiday arrived, the soldiers themselves chose to lay down their in honor of Christmas. It was the first reprieve in months, the sound of gunfire was replaced the sound of singing. Enemies were reported to have exchanged gifts and played games. Thought the war was far from over, the Christmas true of 1914 brought a little peace in the midst of conflict.

What conflict are you dealing with this Christmas? is there family drama, a financial struggle, or a health concern? No matter the specific circumstance, Christ has promised His peace to you. Peace is always available for those of us who love Him. Our holidays do not have to be marked by stress and conflict. We can quit holding on to old grudges. We can let go of ency, worry, and fear. Let’s take Christmas back. This year, let’s choose peace.


Grace and Peace to You My friends


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