Discipline is our friend, not our enemy. It helps us be the people we say we would like to be, but never will be without the assistance of discipline, and self-control. It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit that is in us as believers in Jesus Christ, but like all other fruit of the Spirit, it must be developed and will grown through use.

Discipline is the ability to subject less important things to more important ones. For example, spending time with my friends is important, but it is not as important as spending time with God. God gives us free choice as His children. He tells us in His Word what will work the best and produce good results, but we have the responsibility of choosing what we will do, Free choice is wonderful and we all enjoy it, but we also need to realize that we will be left with the result of these choices, good or bad.

People who imagine that they can make undisciplined choices following the desires of the flesh instead of the Spirit, and still have a great life, are deceived. I urge you to embrace discipline as your friend. Don’t groan when you think of discipline. It may not seem joyous now, but after it has been applied, you will enjoy the fruit of it.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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