Lent Day 8

Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. Many of His followers think that they have to jump through all the right hoops to stay in fellowship with Him. If that was true, they would never be able to enjoy His Presence. They would have to be perfect to gain an audience with Him. Instead of striving to be good enough, Jesus invites you to come confidently into His bright Presence.

If you walk in the Light as Jesus is the Light, His blood continually cleanses you from all sin. When you become aware of your sins, He wants you to confess them and seek His help in making needed changes. Nonetheless, your status with Him is not based on confessing your sins quickly enough or thoroughly enough. 

Walking in the Light of Jesus’ Presence blesses you in many ways. Good things are better and bad things more bearable when you share them with Him. As you bask in His Love-Light, you are better able to love others and enjoy fellowship with them. You are less likely to stumble or fall, because sins are garishly obvious in His holy Light. As you walk in the Light with your Savior, He encourages you to exult in His righteousness.

Grace and Peace to You My Friends


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